Canoga Park Archive

Green Carpet

Green Carpet Green Turf Rental Price Green Carpet (20ft x 30ft Coverage Area ) $350.00 Green Carpet (20ft x 20ft Coverage Area) $250.00 Green Turf

Hedge Wall Backdrop

Hedge Wall Backdrop  Hedge Wall Backdrop Rental Price Hedge Wall Backdrop (Width 64 Inches x Height 80 inches)  $150.00 Greenery Backdrop 

Spandex Tablecloths

  Cocktail Table Rental Price Round Cocktail Table – 30″ Round / 42″ Table Height $13.00 Spandex Tablecloth   Tablecloth for Cocktail Table $11.00 Spandex Table Cloth for Cocktail …


  Barstool Rental Price Chrome Barstool (Chrome Frame with Black Cushion $9.00 Ghost Barstool (Transparent Barstool)  $10.00    

Wooden Bar Table

Bar Table Rental Price Black Bar Table (4ft Wide) $100.00 Rustic Bar Table (5ft 11Inches Wide) $200.00 Bartender Rate Bartender with Uniform $70 / Hour – 3 Hour Minimum …

Bartender / Servers / Wait Staff

Bartenders for Hire Bartender Rate Bartender with Uniform $70 / Hour – 3 Hour Minimum Server (Serves Food and Drinks) Rate Server with Uniform $50 / Hour – 3 …

20ft x 80ft Tent

20ft x 80ft Tent Only Rental Price 20ft x 80ft Tent Only $800.00 20 x 80 Tent Rental