Picnic Setup / PopUp Picnic

Picnic Setup Rental Price
Picnic Package # 1

10ft x 10ft Draped Tent (White)
Pendant Light 
10ft x 10ft Green Carpet 
Light Brown Carpet
1 Backdrop (64 Inches Width x 80 Inches Tall)
1 Bar (4ft Wide)
6 Pillows 
6 Plates with Wine Glasses and Napkins 
2 Flower Ornaments
1 Green Plant 
3 Candles with 3 Candle Holders 
2 Benches for Seating with Cover
2 Tables with Tablecloth and Runner  

Additional Items Rental Price
Rustic Bar (5ft Wide) $200.00
Server with Uniform $50 per Hour

Picnic Setup for Parks, Beaches or Backyards

Draped Tent with Plates and Picnic Setup
Backyard Picnic Setup
Closet up of Table with Plates and Tablecloth
Table setup of Plates and Pillows
Tables on Green Carpet with Draped Tent
Picnic Setup
White Draped Tent at Night Time
White Draped Tent on Green Carpet


Picnic Setup on Green Carpet Backyard
Picnic Setup in Backyard Night Time